13 January 2016

What a warrant form looks like

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Many people have caught on to the illegal actions of the Victorian Sheriff – Brendan Facey, his alleged ‘deputies’, and the cover up by the authorities.

Many people have written to the ‘sheriff’ Brendan Facey from the ‘Sheriff’s Office of Victoria’ (current postal address: PO BOX 14486, Melbourne Victoria 8001) in order to obtain the alleged warrants that the sheriff alleges exist. 

To date none have been provided by the ‘Sheriff’s Office of Victoria’.

People have also written FOI (Freedom Of Information) requests to obtain the alleged warrants, but again none have been provided, thus far.

Some people have obtained responses that the ‘warrants’ do not exist.

According to ‘law’ the warrant is supposed to be generated in accordance to a current regulation called the INFRINGEMENTS (REPORTING AND PRESCRIBED DETAILS AND FORMS) REGULATIONS 2006.

The form for the warrant (to the ‘natural person’) is contained within Form 1 of the section called SCHEDULE.

The illustration below is that form with additional comments added, as to the validity of the warrant, in red.

In summary:

  1. The (alleged) sheriff sends you a template letter, with a computer scanned image of a signature to the ‘natural person’.
  2. The definition of a ‘natural person’ is defined in the Corporations Act 2001 64B (2).
  3. A warrant generated from a matter within the ‘Infringements Court’ is invalid.
  4. In order for the warrant to be valid it must contain all of the following:

  •  The name of the judge
  • The Judge’s signature
  • County Court seal/stamp.

Please note:

  • There is no lawful appointment for Victoria’s current ‘sheriff’ Brendan Facey.
  •  The Act that allows the sheriff to perform duties, Sheriff Act 2009, is not enacted lawfully.
Burning questions:

  • As a judge would you put your name and signature to a ‘warrant’, knowing that you are liable?
  •  Can the Department of Justice and Regulation really provide a copy of a lawful warrant?
  •  Can the Sheriff’s Office of Victoria really produce a lawful warrant?

Make no mistake about it, the Sheriff’s Office of Victoria and the entire chain of command are committing criminal activity against the people.

This is not a matter about your (alleged) offence but rather the gross miscarriage of justice regarding the whole process by the people involved.

They are aware of it, and have been notified, but still we see the fraud continuing.

Please note: The actual validity of the Acts or Regulations used is put aside.


Unknown said...

Hope I never have to see one in real life :)

thingamybob said...

Where do you get this information from that the warrant must contain the following ?

The name of the judge
The Judge’s signature
County Court seal/stamp.

Can't the Magistrates court authorise Warrants ? If not why ?
Debra Engel

Treason said...

The things that stand out for me are the all CAPS wording, the square brackets which as we know removes it OFF the page, and the grey shaded area which is classed as a box, I believe, which means all that info inside that greyed area isn't on the page, four corners rule.