18 May 2016

Australian law oppressive - made by corporations for corporations

Many Australians do not comprehend nor maybe even want to comprehend the colour of law in Australia.

From 1788 for 40 years there was Martial Law officially installed on this land.

From certain events within the British monarchy of the time, a few researchers hold they key to the true state of law on this continent/island called Australia.

Some say that there is no law, per se, only corporate agreements that are in force, where the serfs are punished for not being subservient to them.

This follows the fact that Roman Code is followed in this country, where strict liability and absolute liability are in force.

In any event 'Australia' was started of as an economic project, a 'corporation' if you will.

Queensland is one legal bordello.

  • No 'lawful' Chapter III (as per Australian Constitution) courts.

  • No 'lawful' laws - no upper house. For a law to be 'lawful' it must pass both upper and lower houses of parliament.

Take a look at the example of law in a 'small' town in the top end of the land of the Queen, called Weipa.


Bauxite deposits near Weipa, 1969
Weipa began as a Presbyterian Aboriginal mission outpost in 1898.

Very restrictive legislation was enacted by the state of Queensland in 1911, making the Protector the legal guardian of every Aborigine and half-caste child (until he/she was 21), and the right to confine (or expel) any such person within any reserve or Aboriginal institution, and the right to imprison any Aborigine or half-caste for 14 days if, in the Protector's judgement, they were guilty of neglect of duty, gross insubordination or wilful preaching of disobedience. It also gave powers to the police to confine Aborigines to reserves to "protect them from corruption". This latter power was given by Comalco in 1957 to justify the removal of Weipa Aborigines.[4] 

 Source: - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weipa,_Queensland

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