19 May 2016

Victorian sheriff selling Bob Jane's house unlawfully?

How well do you know your law?

Do you know who the sheriff of Victoria is?

Is he and his dePuties in office lawfully?

Are the people who swore him in, lawfully in office?

Where does he get his 'authority' from to take your 'stuff'?

How many 'lawful' Chapter III ( from the Australian 'Constitution') courts are there in Australia?

They are just some of the basic questions people have with regards to the sheriff of Victoria.

Victoria's currently alleged sheriff is a person by the name of Brendan Facey.

The gazetted office is at 444 Swanston St. Melbourne, Victoria.

As an example, when you commit a 'criminal' offence that results in a parking or speeding fine and do not pay it, the result from an unlawful court called the 'Infringements Court' escalates to a warrant from the so called sheriff of Victoria - Brendan Facey. 

We have confirmed proof that no lawful warrant exists that has arisen from a fictitious place called the  'Infringements Court'.

We also have evidence that no lawful warrants exist in the state of Victoria.

There is no gazetted appointment for the current so called sheriff of Victoria - Brendan Facey, as required by law.

The sheriff obtains his powers to take your 'stuff', which otherwise would be a criminal offence from a law (read Act) called the Sheriff Act 2009.

This Act is not a lawfully enacted Act, meaning it is invalid despite the fact that authorities are using it to steal your possessions.

As a result the Victorian government is involved in corruption, fraud, deception, theft, false imprisonment and cover up with regards to the actions of Victoria's so called sheriff.

As always with regards to any criminal offence, if you have had harm committed against your 'person', you must take action.

It is very doubtful that any law firm will want to take this matter on, or even if it does, it may (deliberately/) stuff you up in any claims against the so called sheriff.

See how the fraud is committed against the man who's 'persons' name is Bob Jane in the article  by the corporate media of the title Bob Jane hits the skids in illustration below:


Chris said...

So what is the final out come??

Unknown said...

LOL. A lot of fuss over tyres. Not the best article on the Corpau website.