14 October 2016

Victorian government sending 1000's of children to get sexually abused and raped?

How can you trust the 'government' if it sends children to get sexually abused including being raped?

While it is certainly not tolerable, you would expect this from a third world (military?) dictatorship in some 'dodgy' country.

Apparently Australia is a first world country, but when you take a closer look it 'seems' that the current government called the 'Australian Government'  is a hostile military dictatorship, taken control from the de jure government of 1901 as described in the 'Constitution', but that's another matter for the High Court of Australia.

The general populous of this continent are the most surveilled people on the planet, and according to authorities this is done so in order to stop criminal activity (read 'terrorism').

If the administrators of this colony cannot make laws that can deal with criminal activity, irrespective of what it's called, then this is a matter of a failure of governance and the administration should be removed, and not continue to be in power.

Law experts have stated publicly (on the ABC's Q&A programme) that current laws should be able to deal with all sorts of criminal activity.

The general populous' movements can be accessed in real time by the authorities. 

They can turn on the microphones from your (self funded government spy equipment) 'smart' phones and listen in to your 'private' conversations in your home.

They can access any of your records be it either phone, internet or current location without a warrant.
First and foremost, how can you trust a police 'force' who's oath of office to a false queen/parliament is in itself a criminal action?

How can you trust a police force that beats people up and destroys the evidence?

How can you trust police that lie in court every single day?

How can you trust the people of a government to deal with criminals, when they themselves are part of a highly sophisticated criminal organisation?

The 'authorities' (Bronwyn Bishop - speaker of the House of Representatives on national television show "Q&A" from 15 Jun 2015) tell us that apparently that " The first job of a government is to look after the safety of its people" .

Please note that Google has removed the blog post called:

List of paedophile judges in New South Wales

It seems like plenty of people are getting harmed by the current government, and there is a conspiracy to conceal the truth.

Please note: Unreported instances usually outnumber the reported ones.

news.com.au article from 13 October 2016 of the headline:

Vic kids in state care report 138 rapes

Victorian children in state care were involved in more than 1000 sexual incidents in the past year, including more than 100 rapes.
The shocking figures were the worst for children in residential care, who make up five per cent of children in care but account for 62 per cent of category one incidents.

A damning 2015 report into Victoria's residential care system found it "creates opportunities for the sexual abuse of children".

The government accepted the report's recommendations, and the Commissioner for Children and Young People's 2015/16 annual report says some programs are working.

"However, reports relating to incidents of sexual exploitation of children and young people living in residential care continue to rise, indicating the need for urgent action on all of the inquiry's recommendations," the report said.

There were 1019 sexual incidents involving children in state care in 2015/16, making up one third of all category one incidents.

They included 138 rapes, 200 indecent sexual assaults, and 412 "sexual exploitation" incidents, up from 162 the year before.

"The increase is the result of enhanced knowledge and awareness amongst those working with young people at risk," says the report, released on Thursday.

The Department of Health and Human Services annual report also revealed 20.7 per cent of child protection cases were unallocated as of June 2016.

"With youth crime at record rates, these vulnerable children need to be protected from abusive behaviour," opposition children's spokeswoman Georgie Crozier said.

Families and Children Minister Jenny Mikakos said the government was taking steps to improve the safety of children in care through its Roadmap for Reform policy.

"(The) policy is shifting the children and family services system from crisis response to prevention and early intervention," she said.

Victoria's child protection system has strengthened its relationship with police to increase reporting and early intervention in cases of sexual exploitation.

More than 330 new child protection workers have been hired since May 2015 and spot audits of residential care facilities have started.

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