10 May 2017

Sheriff's warrants do not exist - verified on video

People should be made aware that warrants that have been allegedly issued from the progression of a fine from the so called 'Infringements Court' in Victoria do not exist.

They have never existed.

  • The people in office / government do not implement the 'law' are they are mandated to.

  • They are causing you 'harm' as a result of stepping outside the laws they are bound to.

This information, with verified proof, sits within a few other people's personal archives that we are aware of.

Currently an alleged officer of the Supreme Court of Victoria, of the title 'Sheriff' is a man with the name Brendan Facey.

The Sheriff's Office of Victoria, with Brendan Facey at the 'helm',  has been committing fraud on the good motorists of Victoria without any consequences.

If you have been harmed by the Sheriff's Office of Victoria seeing this video could be of benefit to you should you choose to seek a remedy.

The above video took place at  Ground Floor, 277 William St Melbourne at a business called CCV (Civic Compliant Victoria).

Please also note that there is considerable information, approximately a dozen posts, on the alleged Sheriff Brendan Facey, and the Sheriff's Office of Victoria contained within this (the Corporate Australia) blog.

We do not recommend anyone pay any monies unless a warrant in the proper format is obtained, in accordance with the law.


the GLOSSA channel said...

What about a citizens arrest on this Facey bloke?

AuCorp said...

The people living in Australia are not citizen's unless you became a citizen under the Citizenship Act.

What one may want to do is alleged the criminal action under the relevant law (state and Commonwealth) and take him to court.

Unknown said...

If you are born in Australia you "have" Australian citizenship by default because citizenship is attached to legal name registered/created by the state of which one is born on. As such if you have a legal name issued by a State of Australia then the "legal" name is the Australian citizen.

Nobody "is" an Australian citizen just like nobody "is" a "legal" name. You "have" both but you're not either...you are simply mankind, either male or female!

AuCorp said...

Sorry "Unknown" but you are misinformed

You are not 'mankind'.
In the 'legal' arena you are / you have a 'person'.

Unknown said...

Oh really AuCorp?

What's the 'legal' 'arena'?

Oh you mean the 'legal' 'system'?

Every man/woman is, a man/woman and has a person.

The 'person' is the 'legal' name.

No living man/woman can be anything but man/woman.

No body can be anything but what they are.

Any/Every man or woman can have any/many things, including names (words) to be known or recognised by, but you can't be a word, or 2 or more words, on a paper, card or document.

Know what you are and what you have...they are not one and the same.

Fine Guy... said...

There was a case in the 50s where a baby was killed prior to the umbilical cord being cut... The court had to determine whether before the birth certificate and even before the baby was separated from its mother if the baby was a legal person... The court decided it was and a murder charge was laid, so country to "By matter of Agreement Gangs" internet claims, in Australia, you are a legal person as soon as you leave the womb... Yes even before the birth certificate is created you are a legal person with the protection of the law... from birth, not a month later once you register your chattel...

MrOllyK said...

Fine Guy:

"The court decided.."

Of course it did. A corporate court's mandate is to generate revenue via Statute. In this case, Statutory murder. The government pays for the incarceration from the "murderer's" CQV trust and generates far greater revenue from the bond issued against them, which is securitised and traded on the securities exchange. As it says on court bonds "..for the currency of the bond..". And there you have it.

You don't cite any case reference but what you describe happens every day through abortion. Who was the guilty party, the mother..?

Fine Guy... said...

They are not traded on the securities exchange... very close, but incorrect