08 September 2017

The lies of people in city councils - Local Laws

It seems that the people from the (unlawful) business called a 'city council' of Warrnambool are on a false advertising run.

The best part about it is that they lie to your face.

Apparently now they are 'advertising' (i.e. enticing you to conduct a business transaction) something called 'local laws', whatever that may be.

Very Very briefly; a collection of pieces of papers called an 'Act' is 'law'*.

For the record, there are only two sets / tiers of law that are legal / valid in Australia;

1). Commonwealth laws (e.g. Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900),

2) State / Territory laws (e.g. An Act to prevent the influx of criminals into Victoria 1854)

There is no 'lawful' third tier of government.

A city council's 'local laws' have no lawful effect on your 'person'.

Pity the corporate media (deliberately) ignores these facts.

(Herald Sun's motto: "We're for Victoria", right?)

* - Note: validity of any said law is put aside for the purpose of this post.

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