Friday, December 29, 2017

Frankie goes to Hollywood? Nope try the back of a cop car

Some people in Australia will tell you that they are a 'freeman'.

If you don't want to pay personal tax, that's your choice.

Some will even tell you that they stopped paying rates and got away with it.

Others will say that one does not need a licence, motor vehicle registration or even corporation issued number plates.

Whatever your opinion on this matter is,

it would be highly advisable to make sure your paperwork is flawless with regards to driving / traveling, licensing,  not paying rates or whatever other laws spring into mind you wish to question,

PRIOR to commencing that action in commerce, on the roads, or elsewhere

otherwise your 'travels' may be of similar experience to this fella's;


Hint: A 'commercial lien' is NOT your remedy.

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Cordie Brothers Racing said...

I have a DRIVER LICENSE but its not mine hahaha ;)