Thursday, December 28, 2017

Police lies on 'citizens arrest' information?

Australia's serf population should be aware that there is no law (i.e. Act) that mandates the police force to provide factual, accurate or correct information to the serfs, where in reality the opposite is the normal modus operandi, where lies, deception and false information is used to extract information from any person.

Very briefly,

recently an Adelaide man (pictured above) has come into the mainstream media spotlight for exposing (alleged?) paedophiles.

As a result Detective Superintendent Mark Wieszyk has responded quickly with a statement that (only?) police are empowered to take action against a person committing a criminal offence.

Unbeknown to most of the lay people in Australia, the above statement made by Mark Wieszyk is not entirely accurate.

Common Law or law that comes out of the courts will tell you otherwise.

From the highest court in the land, aptly named the High Court of Australia, a case called Brebner v Bruce will tell you that any person can initiate proceedings.

See the document Brebner v Bruce [1950] HCA 36 below;

Could it be that only the police want to run this monopolised racketeering (e.g. fines) all to themselves?

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