12 February 2018

Australia the best place in the world for white collar criminals, eg politicians?

Words spoken have got nothing on loud actions, apparently so much so that there is even a saying for it, or maybe a meme or seventeen.

Apparently also every single person is equal in the eyes of law, or so they tell the masses, but again reality is a different story.

If a member of the tax slave population is accused by Centrelink that the person has defrauded taxpayer's funds then the alleged amount must be returned promptly, where if it is not returned, cash is then taken out of that person's account or assets taken, or even the person is incarcerated.

The 'building' (in reference to Australia's Parliament in Canberra) knew of the affair between Barnaby Joyce and his girlfriend, Ms. Vikki Campion for quite some time and tried to keep a lid on it, where this matter now became public knowledge.

While some people may think that getting your 'girlfriend' pregnant is a bit of a bugger, it's a bit worse when your wife did not know about it.

So much for being 'faithful', and an understanding of Commonwealth law, the Marriage Act of 1960.

During this matter it was also revealed that Mr. Barnaby Thomas Gerard Joyce, Ms Vikki Campion and others including Australia's Prime Minister Mr. Malcolm Bligh Turnbull  were involved in fraudulent activity, in ripping off tax payer funds for various activities.

Malcolm Turnbull  exclaimed that "heads will roll" with regards to the recent error government stuff up, with regards to the sale of cabinet files that contained government documents.

The people in government to date have made no such remarks with respect to the people involved in defrauding hard working Australian's of their tax dollars.

It seems that the administration have "cooked the books" to be above the law with regards to fraud.

Please note:

The people can do something about this, where if you are an elector you can write a 'my will' letter to your local MP  (state or federal) having your say on a particular action by those in government.

If you say (write) nothing then the people in government accept that you are content with their actions.

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