Friday, April 13, 2018

Apple Malware

Apple's software is Malware (malicious software).

Apple is a company that thwarts technological advances.

Apple is a tax evading corporation seemingly untouchable by the Australian government.

We do not recommend the purchase or use of Apple products.

If you are using Apple products, here are some reasons not to, as documented by under the headline;

Reasons not to use Apple

Worker abuse
Right to repair
Tax avoidance
Other reasons



Apple spies on its users, and helps others spy on them.
  • If you carry a cell phone, it tells Big Brother where you are. Apple wants to hand out the information too.
    Using the lever of "You have a choice, but unless you say yes, your old activities will stop working" is something that Apple has done before, with malicious "upgrades". Apple ostensibly doesn't force people to accept the new nasty thing; it just punishes them if they don't.
  • Apple left a security hole in iTunes unfixed for 3 years after being informed about the problem. During that time, governments used that security hole to invade people's computers.
  • Apple's Capitulation to China's VPN Crack-Down Will Return to Haunt it at Home.
  • Apple has outsourced its user data storage in China to a company controlled by the Communist Party of the province of Guizhou

Worker abuse

Tax avoidance

Apple practices tax avoidance using loopholes and lobbying.
  • Apple pioneered techniques for avoiding the US corporate tax (even though it is far too low) in order to pay next to no tax.
    The loopholes that Apple uses would be closed, if not for the political power of business. "Free trade" treaties give business increased power to block such changes, so we must abolish them to break business's power.
  • The Apple CEO met with the troll and said: "Tim Cook from Apple, I'm here to talk to the President-elect about the things we can do to help you achieve your stated goal."
    This text was transcribed from a video recording. I can't offer a reference because the web site requires nonfree Javascript code.
    Cook was angling for a big tax cut for multinational businesses.
  • Apple Avoided $40 Billion in Taxes (by lobbying for a tax cut). Now It Wants a Gold Star?

Right to repair

Other reasons

  • Apple iThings pioneered a new level of restricting the users: they were the first general purpose computers to impose censorship over what programs the user can install. Apple practices Digital Restrictions Management in many other ways too.
  • Ebooks with DRM won't work on an iThing that is jailbroken, due to intentional sabotage by Apple.
    E-books with digital handcuffs are products designed to attack your freedom, much like the iThing itself.
  • Apple doesn't trust, or respect, those who use its products.
  • Apple exploits the app developers mercilessly, aside from a few stars whose role is to give a misleading impression of what developers can expect.
    I can't sympathize much with those app developers, since they are making proprietary software. They all deserve to fail. However, that doesn't excuse the way Apple treats them.
  • Apple lures people into the business of developing apps with visions of the great wealth that a few of them get. Most just fail, often losing a substantial investment.
    Anyone who intentionally develops proprietary software (i.e., does not respect users' freedom) deserves no sympathy, but that doesn't excuse Apple for luring people into it. Some of them would not have tried to develop proprietary software if not for Apple.
  • Apple is a major patent aggressor. Here's a rather absurd patent that Apple will surely use against other mobile computers. This joins many other patents which Apple is already using to attack free software.
  • Lots of iThing users complained that they did not want the U2 album "gift" that Apple stuck them with — and that it was hard to delete.
    These complaints focus on a superficial problem, reflecting the shallow thinking that Apple instills in its users. Ironically, though, this superficial problem reflects a much deeper problem that the complainers have failed to notice: the unjust power that Apple has imposed on whoever uses an iThing or iTunes.
  • Apple turns a blind eye to environment in China.
    Although Apple has joined EPEAT again, it does not cover the iThings — only the Macintosh.
  • Apple practices planned obsolescence for the iBad — in just two years.
  • Apple store staff are taught twisted psychological manipulation.
    The mere practice of referring to service staff as "geniuses" is dishonest already.
  • Apple devices lock users in solely to Apple services by being incompatible with all other options, ethical or inethical.
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