Thursday, April 12, 2018

Australian Government forcing you online

Once choices are removed you are no longer living in a democracy but rather a totalitarian state.

The people in the Australian Government (herein referred to as the ‘administration’) are removing options for the general population in the way they are able to conduct their business.

As an example the late Department of Social Security, now a business called Centrelink has removed from its website the rental assistance form, therefore making it difficult for people to obtain, where they must physically attend an office to obtain such a form.

This may not be a practical or even possible scenario for many disadvantaged people.

The rental assistance form known as the Centrelink Rent Certificate for (SU523) is available for download at:

With the recent very public affair regarding Facebook’s so called ‘data breach’, which in reality is part of their internal business model, attention has been drawn to data collection by companies, organisations which also includes governments, as documented by Edward Snowden.

Very briefly;

Despite what governments say about data being securely stored, people should be aware that their private and personal data which is stored on hard disks on various operating system platforms is very vulnerable to exploitation.

One of the largest culprits in ‘data breaches’ is something called apps on user’s smart phones.

To make it even worse (with regards to the user’s privacy and security), the current technology in GSM ‘feature’ phones or dumb phones and smart phones is not designed for user’s privacy, but rather conversely as a surveillance device.

The current smart phone operating systems duopoly dominated by corporations Apple and Google, do not value your privacy, where data is harvested from your device and sent back to those companies, where it is later passed on to various organisations without your knowledge or consent.

In an effort to monitor and later control the people’s movements the administration will be forcing people to use ‘plastic’ rather than cash in the form of a card called Indue.

The administration is also taking away the choice for people to pay cash for their motor vehicle registration in certain branches of VicRoads.

Many other ‘government’ departments are forcing you ‘online’.

If you are told to download an app from either Apple or Google by a government department, in order to conduct business with them, where there is no paper alternative, you are being forced by them to put your private and confidential data on your phone at risk.

By creating an app. (e.g.) Centrelink is forcing you to conduct business with either Apple or Google, where in reality the same task can be undertaken within the website, therefore being independent of your device’s operating system. 

There is no legitimate reason for apps of this calibre to exist.

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