Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bank fraud exposed - The List

Banks have been ripping off Australians since Westpac, you know "Australia's first bank", where the authorities have done very little to curb this fraud, but rather support it (as you do when you've set up a penal colony).

It is little doubt that the current Royal commission into banks will hide more than it will reveal.

We have obtained documentation with regards to specific customer's (victims) cases which involve fraudulent dealings by Australian banks and their derivatives.

These documents will be posted on this blog.

The list of businesses that have committed fraud against their customers within those documents are as follows:

Adelaide Bank
Bank of Queensland
Bendigo Bank
Colonial (Commonwealth)
Commonwealth Bank
Community First Credit Union Limited
GE Money
Greenspan Home loans
LaTrobe financial
Macquarie Bank
Mortgage Ezy
Mortgage House Broker Services
S.A. Lending Centre Pty. Ltd.
sevelle financial services
St. George Bank Ltd

Edit, from (28-05-2018):
See the first set of documents at:
Bank fraud exposed - Adelaide Bank

Bank fraud exposed - Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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