Friday, May 25, 2018

Sheriff of Victoria Brendan Facey on the run?

Over the past few years some people have taken him to task with his so called warrants, with regards to fines emanating from an 'Infringements Court', where they do not exist.

As a result a hidden video was taken at a place of business called CCV (Civic Compliance Victoria) at 277 William St, Melbourne 3000 and published on a video sharing platform.

Sheriff's warrants do not exist - verified on video:

We are aware that legal action over the last couple of years was in full swing against Mr. Facey with the view to criminal charges.

Currently the office of the Sheriff of Victoria is empty, without its 'sheriff', where the application closes on the 28th of May 2018.

See link:

Please note that the next successful person as the alleged Sheriff of Victoria may also have criminal allegations brought forward in court.


FooIsHere said...

This is quite amazing. The younger female staff member in the infringements office seems to be getting a bit paraonoid and starting to panic, although she's probably experienced lots of others trying to get out of fines. The senior staff member doesn't seem to understand basic legal procedure - why on earth did she need to look at the Form 1 Warrant form?? As far as the sheriff's staff member went, in trying to fob you off he was being negligent, irresponsible and completely unprofessional. Good on you.

FooIsHere said...

Just one other thing - you mentioned the Supreme Court case of Corry (?) v DPP. Could you put a link to this on your page please? Thanks.