30 June 2018

Fake news websites end with .gov.au?

According to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, laws can only come from the federal and state/territory parliaments, where 'city councils' do not have the lawful capacity to create laws.

Despite this, the Victorian Government is 'advertising' otherwise as seen in their documentation:

Taken from:


See also a photo taken of the back of a commercial vehicle with false 'advertising':

(Credit: Social media)

Disclaimer: See an honest legal practitioner if your (financial) pain persists.


Unknown said...

Disgusting propaganda and deception. Most people have been kept away from legal topic at schools and in mainstream media to know.

Btw I always read your news items, even if I don't comment Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

West connex have trucks like these called "emergency Response Vehicles" Just part of the total organised crime masqueradeing as Government in NSW!