Monday, June 25, 2018

Innocent until proven guilty farce in Australia

Many people may not be aware of the true nature of law in Australia's administrative 'kangaroo courts'.

Keeping this post as short and simple as possible;

Owner onus (e,g, in driving offences) is unlawfully applied.

Absolute liability and strict liability are enforced in the courts, where:

- Absolute liability is that you are guilty and a penalty is enforced.
- Strict liability is that you are guilty and you must prove otherwise.

and here's how it's done in the U.S.:


Genevieve said...

Oh and don't forget the get out of jail free card! ABSOLUTE PRIVILEGE! MEANS SAY WHAT EVER YOU WANT TO WITHOUT ANY PROOF AT ALL.��. Great for character assination by lying arseholes in corrupt court rooms. Of which there are many in Australia. Courts are a scam and a farce. Nothing more.

Svetlana Rauzer said...

Ever since the Victoria Police falsified documents about my family and submitted them to a court which used them SIX TIMES despite us writing dozens of letters to the court, I've learned that document fraud in our courts is almost the norm rather than the exception.

The government doesn't care!

To them we are just cattle.