Thursday, July 26, 2018

Corrupt MP Khalil Eideh busted for fraud?

It seems that the Australian people are governed by criminal MPs in office where all one has to do is fish out their criminal activities, albeit from a very deep lake.

The Rupert Murdoch empire under the advertising publication called The Herald Sun today put in such an important article taking up only 1/12th of the advertising space available.

You can't say that they didn't tell ya, as that would be a 'conspiracy theory'.

These people do not see incarceration, from the criminal act of theft from tax payers / constituents, 

whereas if the serf population does not pay accrued unlawful fines (from e.g. the unlawful 'Infringements Court') then one can be imprisoned for over one year.

STILL not convinced you live in a police state colony?

See book, Australia: The Concealed Colony

within the following link:

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