Monday, July 23, 2018

Indigenous genocide still an Australian Government agenda?

It really does seem like it's a step back in time for the administration of this colony now called Australia, where genocide of the Indigenous population was a reality.

In the 1980's Langley Frederick George "Lang" Hancock had the audacity to state publicly his support of the act of genocide against the Indigenous people, as spoken by his very own words in a video clip of the title of the 'Aboriginal problem':

Lang Hancock is survived by his daughter, Georgina Hope Rinehart, whose actions would seem to support her father's 'solution'.

Note: The land mass that we now call Australia, was taken from the Indigenous people under firearms, where the crown proclaimed ownership of it, where this hostile act is still supported today by the people in this corporation aggregate called the Australian Government.

How can the people in government, MPs the judiciary,  really be called "Your 'Honour', or honourable if they have taken no action to rectify this hostile actions of their ancestors?

Does a 'sorry' really cut it? As its context was very shady.

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Damian Nosire said...

blacks 4th.

INDIGENA. In old English law. A subject born;
one born within the realm, or naturalized by act
of parliament. Co.Litt. 8a. The opposite of "alienigena,"
(q. v.).

Were they "subjects" before they were "discovered"?