16 October 2020

Corrupt government hides true report, suppressing it after it’s accidentally released

If it’s one thing that people can be guaranteed of in the colony we call Australia is that a corrupt legal system hides the dealings of a corrupt government where one hand ‘washes’ the other, and at the end of all that they do not have clean hands.

Literally every single matter is in the “public interest” as it the ‘public’ that funds the government and it is their cash that is rorted/misused etc.

Australia’s judiciary is far from ‘honourable’ as it does not sit in office lawfully, period.

Just like the orders made in Tasmania while the judiciary was sitting unsworn for over 30 years are not valid, but as usual the ‘authorities’ would like you (the serf) to think otherwise.

Inquiries are a scam, a charade, a puppet show and a ‘money for mates’ exercise where the true victims are the ‘public’ where their funds have been misused.

Don’t they say ‘nothing to hide nothing to fear’ right?

In high level matters, there are two reports, the ‘true’ one and another for public consumption.

They just stuffed up and showed you what goes on behind the scenes.

Just as long as the serfs have a 5km leash is all that matters, so they cannot protest, oops have something called freedom of speech.

See article by msn of the headline

ICAC accidentally publishes transcript of closed hearing with Daryl Maguire

Sensitive details of the relationship between Premier Gladys Berejiklian and her former partner Daryl Maguire have been inadvertently made public when the ICAC accidentally uploaded a suppressed transcript to its website late on Thursday.

The transcript of a closed corruption hearing was published at 4.45pm, following a private two-hour examination of the disgraced former MP about the nature and extent of his relationship with the Premier.

It was more than half an hour before the transcript was removed by the commission. In that time it was seen by members of the media. A corrected version has since been published.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption issued an urgent suppression order on Thursday night about the "erroneous" version of the transcript, stating it "shall not be published, copied or described in any manner."

© AAP A supplied screengrab of former Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire giving evidence during the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Mr Maguire was in the witness box for the second time on Thursday, when counsel assisting Scott Robertson requested a closed session at 12.50pm.

He said the private session was necessary because he wished to examine the former MP on matters which "significantly outweigh the public interest" in Mr Maguire and Ms Berejiklian's private relationship.

"The nature and extent of the relationship between the individuals is relevant to the commission's exercise," he said, adding that it "trespasses on matters of considerable personal privacy."

Mr Robertson said it was part of the commission's responsibility to investigate "not just the alleged corrupt conduct, but conduct that is connected with alleged corrupt conduct."

Commissioner Ruth McColl subsequently granted the order and excluded everyone from the hearing room other than counsel assisting commission officers and lawyers for Mr Maguire and Ms Berejiklian.

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