Sunday, October 11, 2020

Domestic appliance electrical fingerprinting

People should already be aware that whatever excuse by the people in government is used for an implementation of new technology, there are always other hidden agendas.

In Victoria with the mandatory installation of electricity smart meters, as opposed to mandatory use, the ‘customers’ were told that this was to their benefit as a result of cheaper prices.

This was far from the truth, no surprises there.

With regards to the use of modern day technology, one of the primary objectives of governments and corporations is to gather intel or rather data.

Another primary objective is control, where with regards to smart meters and appliances the South Australian government wants to control your domestic appliances (e.g. air conditioner) remotely, for their benefit, and not yours.

Where once upon a time you were a ‘customer’, this has now changed to you being the product, a data generation source for corporations to make huge profits from.

It is not enough that they want you to purchase ALL your items via cashless transactions.

It was not enough that they could flick the switch at the telephone exchange and listen in to your conversations in your own home from the ‘landline’ (remember them?).

It is not enough that they can listen in to your conversations anywhere you’re at via your smart phone.

It is not enough that they can obtain a precise location in which room you’re in or which position your body is in, if your phone is on your ‘person’.

They want to know every aspect of your movements within the privacy of your home.

In comes the electricity smart meter.

Because you’re conditioned to buy your ‘stuff’ via plastic, now that they know that you purchased your $1700 ‘Jura’ cappa maker from BJ Hifi or Hardly Normal's, the appliance’s unique electrical signature can be picked up by that ‘mandated’ smart meter and they know that you drink, say 12 cups of coffee per day where this info WILL make its way to health insurance companies where they may reject to cover you for high blood pressure, as an example.

Just say you bought a Sunbeam PC7800 coffee machine, which will have a different electrical signature than the Jura, then someone somewhere along the line will figure out that this cheap machine along with all your other ‘cheap’ appliances in your home is not worth robbing you for.

Keep purchasing via cashless transactions, support every action that government/corporations tell you to, and don’t ask questions because it’s for everyone’s benefit, except yours.

It's all part of the 'nanny state' agenda.

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