17 November 2020

Canadian government exposed in PsyOp against its people

The Canadian government is on a propaganda response in order to cover up a psychological operation, against its primary enemy the general population.


The Canadian army composed a letter that looked as if it originated from the government of Canada in relation to install fear into the general population with regards to wolves.

The ‘authorities’ (government, army, police) and mainstream media news outlets are enacting a task that we call Public Behaviour Modification Program (PubBeModPro) in order to influence the herd population to whatever action/reaction or ‘corner’ those in power want.

Think it’s not happening in Australia?

See Victoria, under Daniel Michael Andrews.

See video (59.3MB, 19m35s):

If the video does not load see it at:


Source: https://www.corbettreport.com/the-canadian-military-declares-war-on-canadians-propagandawatch/

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