16 November 2020

Corporations lie where you just have to catch them out

[People in] corporations lie, they lie a LOT, where you ‘just’ have to catch them out, but that may not be as easy as it may seem.

Have the corporations that you require safe and secure communications from like the courts, banks or financial services institutions communicated via Zoom?

If so, then your person’s private and confidential data may have been exposed where those corporations may not even know about it or even if they do then they could hide that fact from you as this may affect their profits if ‘customers ‘ leave due to insecure data storage/transmission.

Please note that email is also not secure, where crucial or identifying data is transmitted via plain text across the internet, yet many corporations require you to communicate with them via email therefore compromising your (and NOT their) privacy/security when the data is being transmitted.

Please also note that your email on ‘free’ email service providers is scanned/read by other people, where this should be stated on the terms and conditions.

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