Friday, February 14, 2014

HCA (High Court Australia) Documents - Introduction

ONE of the most corrupt industries in Australia is that of the legal profession, an industry that is supported by a specialised team of QC’s, barristers, lawyers, solicitors and the judicature that all work together to conspire against the well being of the general populous.

Secrecy is the name of the game, where a deliberate silencing of anyone who asks questions pertaining to the alleged authority of a judicial clerk, judge, or magistrate has over the individual brought before the ‘courts’ of Australia.

The law courts of Australia may not be so powerful, once a certain level of understanding is achieved of fundamental documents, and the ability to put this knowledge into practice without a barrister/lawyer/solicitor, that have an oath to protect the system, contrary to the interest of their customer, the ‘accused’.

The ‘law’ courts (e.g. Magistrates', Perin, Infringements) are not factually courts of law but rather places of business/commerce/trade, unbeknown to the general populous, but a well known fact within the industry.

The police are part of the ‘conspiracy’ to incarcerate ANYONE who stands up to their corporate bullying.

The police in reality are corporate thugs, who work for corporations, and NOT the ‘Queen’ as per oath.

Corpau is introducing a new category / label called HCA (High Court Australia) dedicated to delivering documents and rulings from the High Court of Australia, that are of significance to EVERY single person that lives and breathes on the land of Australia.

Some documents are kept secret from the public, by judges in order to perpetuate the fraud, e.g. in particular with reference to the legitimacy of the ATO (Australian Tax Office).

Together under the category / label of TEA (True English Australia), corpau will be publishing documentation including what the complicated words of judges/magistrates really mean to the ‘lay person’, which may be relevant to those who are ‘criminals’ for not paying a ‘fine’ or ‘invoice’, where the threat of jail time is a reality.

Welcome to the new Australia, the fascist corporate dictatorship, where the word democracy is NOT REAL.

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