09 February 2014

Queensland Police Harassment

A YouTube video has been posted under the name:

Queensland Police Harassment

on the 11th of January 2014, that can be classified as being 'viral', documenting an encounter with police by a rider when filling up at a petrol station.

At the time of this post, the video has been seen over 644550 times with a thumbs up of 4153, and thumbs down of 1026 votes by viewers of that video.

Also there have been approximately 518 comments on the video.

There has been a wide cross section of comments on the video, ranging from personal attacks, speculation to comments about the law, which clearly indicate that the person commenting has no idea of the law.

First and foremost, the public needs to understand the law when it comes to being on Australian roads, which from the thumbs down or disapproval and negative comments regarding the video, show the ignorance of the masses.

There are many laws that are deliberately keep from public knowledge in order to succumb to corporate rule.

Here are some facts regarding the law when one is a road user:

  • The police have no right to stop you unless they have seen you commit a crime for which you are going to be charged for on the spot.

  • You do not have to show your 'driver's license' to anyone. It can be presented later at a police station if so required.

  • You are ONLY obliged to provide your name and address, which can be your work address and dos not have to be residential.

  • One does not have to answer ANY other question, that is asked by a police officer, and the polite response can be whether one is obliged to answer that question, or along the line that one does not have to answer that question.

The police will try to intimidate, by either force, numbers or threats of arrest.

The woman police officer at the beginning of the video, who 'deliberately' identifies herself with a muffled voice, from Beenleigh Police station has little or no cause for her questions to the owner of the motorcycle.

This video has been dissected in detail at various legal practices, as to the legitimacy of the overwhelming harassing police presence at the service station, of which the words and actions of the police will not be discussed in this article, but may be raised at a later date.

Quite simply put, this is unnecessary harassment in preparation for the next stage, that being officially a 'police state'.

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