Thursday, February 20, 2014

Police submitting dozens of falsified documents to courts daily

The court rooms of Melbourne and its outer suburbs are a hive of activity and flurry with a range of people from administrative staff, lawyers, barristers all supported by the ‘crimes’ committed by the paying general populous.

From the outside, one who approaches the place of business and trade commonly known as the court one is greeted with a vision of a structure that is of a huge scale, somewhat intimidating, and even oppressive.

Upon passing the mandatory security check, where the confiscation of one’s nail clipper will occur if one was absent minded enough to leave it in the carry facility one has on one’s person, there is another picture of the trade on cannon fodder that occurs.

The picture painted on the faces of the herded in masses is of despair, angst, frustration and even anger.
The picture of what the ‘court’ looks like from underneath is quite different.  There are holding cells, which hold the criminals that are awaiting sentencing. There is also a ‘SWAT’ team waiting for any disturbance that the herd may conjure up.

Another picture that is kept away from the plebs is what happens behind the scenes. The one pertaining to the trade of your case. The judges/judicial clerks/magistrates purchase matters, where all the income from these matters is not subject to any form of tax. Securitised bonds is another terms that should be known.
What is even more disturbing is what is hidden in plain sight.

A court is supposed to be a place of justice and apparently impartiality, but in reality this is not the case.
The judges have a vested interest in your case, where the ruling made will determine the payment to the system including themselves.

Depending on the size of the court, up to 80 matters can be heard on a daily basis, which can bring in substantial revenue for the business.

Corpau has obtained information in relation to matters from a source within the system, which clearly shows that police falsify reports and statements contrary to the contemporaneous notes, or even transcribed recordings.

The source indicated that this is across the board on a large scale with no end in sight as there is free rein and no one can stop them. The source asked not to comment on specific matters as this could endanger the well being of the accused or their families, and could also be used to reveal the source of the information.

The police prosecutors together with the magistrates are fully aware of the fraud, but still persist to sentence the ‘criminal’ based on falsified police evidence.

The is an epidemic that is rife with corruption that is supported by the ‘system’ and the so called police that are allegedly supposed to ‘protect’.

(illustration: The upside down star of Victoria Police with the words: "UPHOLD THE RIGHT")

If anyone stands up in court to question or expose the fraud one is shut down promptly by the judge, or escorted out of the premises, or even arrested and strip searched as a result, with police downloading all the information from the arrested individuals smart phone for their reference to be placed on your file, to be used against you at a later date.

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