Monday, February 3, 2014

VicRoads company advertising

In Victoria Australia, there is a company (not government institution) that is responsible for collecting monies for 'vehicle registration' and 'drivers licenses', which is called VicRoads with the ABN of 61 760 960 480.

(illustration supplied of a letter from VicRoads which also contains a 'drivers license' for Victorians)

The supplied scan is really nothing new for millions of Melbournians or Victorians who own a car, that have also contracted out to a company with their signature on a binding contract called a 'drivers license'.

The company now is into advertising in this instance for the Deafness Foundation (Victoria) which has the  ABN of 56 005 053 510, (which is NOT mentioned) P.O. Box 42 Nunawading, VIC 3121.

Realistically this is no revelation, other than providing information that a private corporation is in charge of Victorian taxpayers public roads, that advertises the services of other companies.

NOTE: That from the 1st of January 2014, VicRoads will no longer be issuing registration labels that are supposed to be displayed on the windscreen of motor 'vehicles', as required.

Corpau has been made aware that the company Vic Roads is indeed responsible for acts of fraud against  Victorian motorists, where even if the matter was to make it to the so called law courts of Australia, the information if successful to a certain stage, would be struck out of reach of the general populous.

Corpau will provide documents that support the (claim of) fraud committed by Vic Roads once they become available, as currently they are a work in progress.

Article of Interest may include:

How to sign your name without assuming liability, at: 

'Vehicle' registration and 'driver license' is a nationwide scam, that the authorities, and police are keeping under wraps, together with the corrupt legal system, where matters that are being brought before the courts are 'dismissed' so that they are not on public record.

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