08 February 2014

True English Australia – Introduction

The country, island or continent known to many as Australia is currently a total different ‘institution’ than what it was a couple of hundred years ago.

While it may seem logical and necessary for progress to occur, both technologically and socially, there is one fundamental aspect that needs to be addressed that many of the general populous are not aware of, and have little knowledge about, that being of law.

While the saying may be true that ‘knowledge is power’ is it more potent when one knows how to apply this knowledge.

In order to keep the masses oppressed and subservient, to the  ‘authorities’, knowledge and law is kept away from them, together with distractions, that keep them occupied, with an oppressive police force to ‘enforce’ the rules of the corporatocracy.

(illustration: Corporate Slaves - Ninja1987)

In Australia one of the most corrupt institutions is that of the judicature, where everyone working in the ‘system’ from the ‘foot soldiers’ to the High Court judges are partaking in a fraud and a shroud of secrecy to perpetuate a ‘business’ that feeds of the emotion of the uneducated masses, to their detriment.

The extent of this fraud could very well rival the illicit drug trade that is worth an approximate $1.2 billion per month in Australia.

A new category/label has been created called True English Australia(TEA) by corpau, which is designed contain facts of the Australian legal system, that some may not be aware of, in order to expose the illegal and ‘unlawful’ actions of the judicature, police, politicians law makers, and the like.

Many laws have been put in place that are factually ‘unlawful’ but it is through the lack of knowledge by the ‘condemned’ and most importantly, something called ‘consent’ that one is judged, persecuted and even imprisoned by. Keeping in mind that ignorance (or lack of knowledge) of the law is no excuse.

The judicial system, through intimidation and bullying, and covert binding contracts is beating the masses into submission to corporate laws (rule of man), that have literally nothing to do with something called the ‘rule of law’, which must be followed.

The perpetrators of fraud:

The Judicature

The judicature is made of people who are officers responsible for administering justice. This is where the colloquial term ‘the buck stops here’ literally fulfils its meaning.

The ‘justice’ system of Australia is held literally in the hands of a few, who belong to the brotherhood, where the alliance lies in preserving the (fraudulent laws of the) system. Included in this policy is the suppression of documents that expose the corrupt dealings of government, police and the courts, including laws that have been exposed as fraudulent. 

Various real world scenarios occur when the system is challenged, from cases being dismissed, so that the details of the matter do not become public knowledge, to the unlawful incarceration of those who expose the crimes of those in power, even though criminal actions of anyone are supposed to be dealt with accordingly by the law, or so we are led to believe this [propaganda].

Faceless men (law/policy makers), politicians, business leaders

These are part of the ‘untouchables’ of society where no matter how the reality is portrayed, they are above the law when it comes to the bottom line.

They are the people who make decisions that enslave the masses via a myriad of methods, of which subservience to the corporatocracy play a major role.

The corporate media

Australia’s corporate media is owned by three families being Murdoch, Packer and Stokes, with a significant majority held by Murdoch. The families have high profiles and have an enormous influence in politics, whose peers are (also) among the law makers and judicial communities where the decision making favours their business interests.

The corporate media is designed to keep the herd population in their place, via many distractions which in today’s modern society includes focusing on the attention of useless information on trivial matters in the entertainment industry and social media. The corporate media is also responsible for shaping the minds of the children of the cannon fodder, to focus on becoming ‘stars’, where education is not part of any curriculum. This is a policy with no expiration date.

The corporate media is NOT your friend, when it comes to matters of significant importance.

So that the corporate media cannot be accused of a ‘conspiracy’ certain information is obtained (under Freedom Of Information requests), and certain reports are ‘allowed’ to be published for public consumption. Not all information under FOI is accessible.

The Police Force

There seems to be a gross misunderstanding by the general populous, as to what the police are and what they are supposed to be.

According to the Black’s Law Dictionary (2nd edn) (http://thelawdictionary.org/police/) the police are:

Police is the function of that branch of the administrative machinery of government which is charged with the preservation of public order and tranquillity, the promotion of the public health, safety, and morals, and the prevention, detection, and punishment of crimes...... The police of a state, in a comprehensive sense, embraces its whole system of internal regulation, by which the state seeks not only to preserve the public order and to prevent offenses against the state...

Understanding the context of the above words is paramount to knowing who the police really are.

The general populous would not be incorrect in assuming that the government which is elected by the people functions for the people, being supported financially by the taxation of the people’s earnings making each and every person in government office a ‘public servant’ therefore extending this also to the members of police. In reality this is not factually correct.

Today, Australia’s government is actually a corporatised entity, where the enforcers of the law, the police, are a separate corporate entity of every state in Australia. The police work for the government, in preserving (false) laws in order to keep the masses docile and subservient to corporate rule.

To emphasise quite clearly the reality is that the police are NOT public servants, and therefore DO NOT work for the people, are NOT for the people, but rather only subservient to the government, and its agenda.

There are many areas that will be covered in this section, that expose the extent of corruption in authority, government and the corporate sector, that ultimately work to the detriment of the general populous to a significant extent.

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