Friday, March 27, 2015

You are a criminal when

N.B. For the purpose of this post, the validity of law (in Victoria, Australia) is put aside.

Also noting now, that there are a fair few individuals that hold the information and skills required to prove that there is no valid law in Victoria (apart from the entrenched laws of the U.K.), which can be proven in a public forum (a place commonly referred to as a 'court'), irrespective of the outcome from an [allegedly]  corrupt 'judge' or 'magistrate'.

Although the documentation pertains to Victoria, it can be assumed it's applicable to the rest of Australia, regarding the section pertaining to 'criminal' offences.

Most people may not be aware that they have a contractual obligation to a certain party, as there has not been full disclosure or even a lawfully valid contractual agreement between the two parties, but according to (Victorian) 'law' they are CRIMINALS, and treated as such by the (unlawful) 'courts'.

Forget the catch phrase "Innocent until proven guilty".

The reality is that in Australia, we are under Roman Code, where you are guilty and have to prove innocence


You are the accused. You are the defendant.

According to the Magistrates' Court of Victoria:

Matters dealt with by Judicial Registrars
Judicial registrars have the powers to deal with a variety matters within the court’s jurisdiction, including
the following:
• hear and determine licence restoration applications under the Road Safety Act 1986
• determine applications to remove alcohol interlock device
• all offences which can be dealt with by way of an infringement notice
• conduct the Infringements (PERIN) Court, which sits twice a week at Melbourne
• speeding offences
• certain traffic offences (such as use mobile phones, no “P” plates, fail to stop at stop sign)
• careless driving
• theft from shop (to the value of under $600)
• wilful damage (to the value of under $500)
• offensive or indecent behaviour
• parking offences
• Council prosecutions (such as dog attacks, parking offences, local law offences)
• Public Transport Act offences (such as no ticket, feet on seat, disorderly or abusive conduct).
Brief comments that stand out in relation to the documentation provided by the Magistrate's Court of Victoria:

  • The Road Safety Act (1986) is invalid,
  • The Infrigements (PERIN) Court is not a valid court (read unlawful), and as a result the 'sheriff' is not chasing the 'fines',
  • 'Parking' offences are unlawful,
  • Council prosecution related to 'local law' offences are invalid.

It's time to expose the criminal Australian government, and put these matters into the public domain via the 'courts'.

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