Friday, December 11, 2015

Can you charge the police?

In light with what’s been revealed in the corporate media recently with regards to Victoria Police (sexual harassment horror) , and the relentless criminal activity within the ‘force’, many people are being left exposed and vulnerable to the criminal actions of police.

If you’ve had involvement with police in the court system you could be all too aware of the criminal activities of the police.

From police men (e.g Eugene Matthews from Melbourne’s Sunshine Magistrates’ Court) stating that they have shredded court filed documents, to police falsifying evidence and lying (providing false information) against you in the courtroom.

  • You may feel you have been ‘done by law’.

  • You most probably have been ‘done by law’ and not even know  it.

So the police have committed criminal activity against you and what can you do about it?

The same thing they do to you – you can ‘charge’ them.

“But can I really do that” asks the ‘footy fanatic’??? !!! ???

Sure can!

Have a read of the High Court Australia case - Brebner v Bruce [1950] HCA 36


Phillip Kahle said...

Love the case law.

AuCorp said...

Yes, It's great!

Much of it is hidden from the general populous, marked as 'RESTRICTED', only to cover up the true extent of corruption and fraud within Australia's legal system.