19 October 2010

Telstra phone bill fraud - government supported

This post contains information from a recorded telephone conversation between a Telstra employee and a customer, naturally the information of the customer and the Telstra employee is not posted for confidentiality reasons.

Telstra has admitted that it fraudulently increases its customers bills, i.e. adding phone calls to the bill that did NOT occur.

This happens on a regular basis, in order for the company not to wear the cost of bad debts, that are not paid by customers.

The costs are dispersed amongst other customers in such a manner that the fraudulent (fake) calls are not detected easily.

Under Australian Law:
Stealing is a criminal offence, and is dealt with accordingly.

In this case the above statement is NOT true as this is Corporate Fraud, and it IS supported by the government.

An individual that has stolen 0.1 cent from one account over many accounts is serving eight years in prison.

In Australia phone call counters are not available for sale in the standard electronics retail stores.

Corporate Fraud in general is hushed by the government when its
cronies are involved.

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