13 October 2010

LPG prices to soar

Despite the Australian dollar hitting all time highs in the period of approximately 20 years, businesses with the collusion of the government are ripping off the motoring public with the price of LPG with no consequences from Australia's consumer Watch Dog the ACCC.

Prior the the rise in the Australian dollar LPG was at an average of 50 cents per litre.

Now with the rise of the dollar, the price of LPG has risen an approx. 20% to 60 cents per litre.

Many excuses are given for this, but none are true.

The ACCC's actions can be analogous to that of a castrated chiuaua (see illustration). On a global scale the billion dollar Pet-roleum Industry is beyond the laws of a convict (nanny state) nation at the arse end of the world (as quoted by Jerry Seinfeld on a trip to Australia).

The Banking, Mining and Petroleum Industries are beyond the scope of the Australian laws that govern the rest of business community.

In documentation printed in the Herald Sun, the government is planing to SHAFT the Ford motor company, and inflate the price of LPG an extra 15 cents.

The government can quite easily justify this by saying that the average EU price of LPG is at approx $1.30 per litre, and that Aussies need to fall in line with the rest of the world.

The recent social experiment of raising the price of petrol close to $2.00 per litre showed that the masses 'shut down' their spending therefore hurting the profits of the business community, as well as overcrowding the public transport ssytem, which incurred unforeseen problems.

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