16 December 2010

Sex offender's sentence inadequate - court

A REFUGEE once tortured by the Taliban in Afghanistan will be sentenced for a sex offence by a higher court, after a South Australian magistrate ruled he did not have the power to impose a harsh enough jail term.

Sayed Mohammad Sidaqat has admitted indecently assaulting a girl on a train in Adelaide in July this year, just a month after his release from immigration detention.

The 34-year-old sat next to the teenager and held her hand on his erect penis and also kissed her neck and fondled her breasts.

The 16-year-old told police she was scared and powerless and had tried to get the attention of other passengers on the train, but no one responded.

Sidaqat was arrested four days later and spent more than a month in custody.

In the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Friday, magistrate Joe Baldino said he only had the power to impose a two-year sentence and in his opinion a longer jail term was required.

He remanded Sidaqat on continuing bail to appear in the South Australian District Court on December 6 for submissions and sentence.

Before coming to Australia, Sidaqat had been arrested, imprisoned and tortured by the Taliban in Afghanistan.
About four years ago, he fled with his wife and four children to Pakistan.

His family still lives in Pakistan as refugees, but about a year ago, Sidaqat travelled to Iran where he paid $US15,000 for boat passage to Australia via Malaysia.

He was taken to Christmas Island and spent four months in immigration detention before being released on humanitarian grounds and travelling to Adelaide to live in June.

news.com.au 5 Nov 2010

One of many cases where immigrants come to Australia, under the guise of humanitarian reasons, only to commit crimes in the general community.

Many of the cultures the immigrants come from see western women as whores, who can be abused at will.

Some high profile cases have made it out into the mass media.

These are criminal acts, and the perpetrators should be deported immediately.

Government policy is NOT as such but rather to release this scum back into the community, only to re-offend.

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