17 August 2011

Sunscreen still a cancer risk

Information has been obtained that an Australian government department is working together with a pharmaceutical company in obtaining results of how effective sunscreen really is.

Research by the pharmaceutical company has shown that whilst applying sunscreen the user is still at risk of having skin cancer by a stagger 75-80%.

The research indicates that sunscreen does not diminish the probability of being susceptible to skin cancer.

It stands to reason that this research may not make it out into the public arena, as the pharmaceutical industry is investor driven, and being on the stock market many millions of dollars are at stake.

The industry is highly profit driven, in relation to the cost of the product production, as to the end price the market will accept.

There have been many research documents falsified within the industry to obtain sales.

Independent doctors are also on the pharmaceutical payrolls by prescribing drugs to patients, that patients believe are best for them, when clearly this is not the case.

The government is fully aware of this fraudulent practice, but turns a blind eye to it.


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