02 August 2013

Federal Circuit Court of Australia is a Toothless Tiger

The FEDERAL CIRCUIT CIRCUS COURT OF AUSTRALIA is referred to internally as a toothless tiger, or circus by those who are a bit more cynical.

Court cases where matrimonial disputes cannot be solved earlier are referred to by the 'lower' businesses, known to the general population as 'courts' to the next phase (read more money for the system), the higher (costing) court known as the 'Federal Circuit Court of Australia' with the ABN of 60 265 617 271.

Stating the bleeding obvious, a solicitor is one who solicits, or by one of many definitions as per thefreedictionary/solicit - to entice or incite to evil or illegal action.

The 'Federal Circuit Court of Australia' is a business and NOT part of any lawful government jurisdiction, a fact that the people in the 'business' are fully aware of.

A person involved in the business describes them (the court) as a 'toothless tiger', as there seems to be no action taken against those who do not wish to participate in 'mediation' or do not produce information pertaining to the finalisation of one's matrimonial estate.

Solicitors are aware that they are scamming their customers into a false reality that they 'have to' obey the 'system', a so called 'Federal Circuit Court of Australia', factually a business.

Factually they are NOT obliged if they choose not to.

Solicitor's, lawyer's scam tens of thousands of dollars per day, from the uneducated general public, to feed their morbidly obese bodies, so that they can support their bored wives at home, that eventually have affairs with their personal trainers or whatever come in to do he lawns.

Another fact kept under their flea infested wigs is that the 'court' system is understaffed, as the 'out of touch with reality',  outdated dinosaur Anglo-Masonic 'judge' population, is going in for heart surgeries, hip replacements.

Families who wish to have their matters resolved as soon as possible, to their own financial benefit, are literally robbed by the 'system', and have to wait up to 2015 to have their matters heard.

A system designed to " incite to evil or illegal action", as defined by the above mentioned dictionary.

Another definition of to solicit is " To approach or accost someone with an offer of sexual services in return for payment".

Maybe one's hard earned dollars would be better spent elsewhere than in the 'circus'?

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