03 August 2013

Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare calls for clampdown on gang assets to stop Sydney's escalating gun crimes

ASSET stripping of outlaw bikie gangs will help combat Sydney's escalating violence, Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare said following the murders of two men overnight. 
Mr Clare told an organised crime conference in Brisbane he was concerned about the spate of shootings in Sydney, and the risk it posed to innocent civilians.

"I'm worried that a day will come when an innocent person is caught in the crossfire, where an innocent person is shot and not a member of an outlaw motorcycle gang,'' Mr Clare said.

Dodging bullets in Sydney's war zone

Bikie turf wars posed a serious challenge, he said, and stripping assets and wealth from those involved would play a key role in fighting the problem.

That's why he was campaigning for national unexplained wealth laws.

"A lot of police I talk to in western Sydney say there are criminals driving around in flash cars who don't have a job,'' he said. "We can change the balance of power on the street here by taking their assets off them.''

A bikie affiliate who survived an attempt on his life just a fortnight ago was one of two men killed in two separate shootings in Sydney's south overnight.

Bassil Hijazi survived a 16 July ambush that saw his car peppered with more than a dozen bullets on a quiet Bexley street, while 35-year-old Vasko Boskovsk was shot in Earlwood in an apparently unlinked crime.


Twitter pic of Bassil Hijazi. Picture: Twitter Source: Supplied
The Commander of the Homicide Squad said this morning  police are doing everything they can to solve the spate of shootings gripping the city.
"We're pouring everything we have into solving these crimes,” Supt Mick Willing said."It was a violent night for Sydney, there's no doubt about that.

The Earlwood shooting victim named as Vasko Boskovski. Picture: Facebook Source: Supplied
"The people doing this don't care about the community but we (the police) do. The people doing this are reckless.”

"Hijazi was shot through the neck – it follows the recent murders of Hells Angel Tyrone Slemnik and organised crime figure Ali Jammas, who were shot just days apart earlier this month in unrelated incidents"

Around 9.30pm, as he was walking through a car park on Albyn Street, Bexley – less than a kilometre from where he was shot earlier this month – Hijazi was shot five times in the upper torso.

Witnesses say he ran towards the road and collapsed in a pool of blood.



He was pronounced dead on arrival at St George hospital.

Hussein Abdallah, a friend of the slain teenager, lives in a house nearby and heard the chilling sound of his mate’s murder as he was getting ready for bed.

“I was just sitting down in my room and I heard six loud gunshots,” Mr Abdallah told The Daily Telegraph.

“It’s scary, it’s bad. [Hijazi] was a friendly guy, he was my mate, one of those people you always see out and about, he’d always talk to you.

“He got caught up in dumb stuff, you have to be prepared to die if you get caught up in stuff like that.

“He was always going to get hit again, they just keep coming back until they finish you off…so young as well, far out, I’m only 20, imagine what his parents are thinking.”

Another witness said she heard arguing “getting louder for five to 10 minutes” before the shooting and that “half was in Arabic, half was in English”.

Only minutes earlier, a man named as 35-year-old Vasko Boskovski was shot on Charlestone Avenue, Earlwood in an apparently unrelated shooting.

He was also rushed to St George hospital but died early this morning during surgery.

Mr Boskovski, of Macedonian heritage, was married and had two children believed to be three and four years old.

Eva Radnai has lived in her Charleston Ave home for 40 years directly across the street from the Boskovskis.

“I know the family. They came here about four years ago. I know the children and her but not the man,” she said.

“I just talk to the kids mainly. They’re lovely, especially the kids.

“I heard like loud hammering, four or five times.”

When police knocked on Ms Radnia’s door following the shooting she was too scared to open the door, not realising her neighbour had been killed.

“I didn’t know what was happening I was bit scared I saw flashlights shining into my windows. I was ready to call the police. This morning I saw what happened, I didn’t sleep a wink last night,” she said.
“I didn’t believe it. Then I saw the car not parked properly and heard the radio and put two and two together.

Charleston Ave has been closed at both ends by police with public order and riot squad officers combing the street for clues.

A large crime scene was established on Charlestone Avenue, where a silver four wheel drive parked at an angle on a driveway formed the centre of police investigations.

Inspector Geoff Olsson, from Marrickville local area command, was investigating the shooting in Earlwood last night and told The Daily Telegraph details remained sketchy.

“It's still very early days, we're in the process of locating any witnesses who are able to talk to us,” he said.

“We're looking at this shooting and the one in Bexley, trying to determine if they are linked or if they aren't.

“But it's funny how these tend to happen one after the other.” 

Angry friends and family last night swamped the entrance to the emergency ward of St George hospital where the two shooting victims were taken.

A father who had been in the hospital for hours after his son fell off a flying fox told The Daily Telegraph the scenes were chaotic inside and out.

“They were yelling and screaming, not the sort of people you’d want to mix with,” he said.

“The doctor told us there would be a delay because of the incident [last night].”

Last night’s killings take the July body count to four after Tyrone Slemnik and Ali Jammas were gunned down in Eastlakes and Abbotsbury respectively.

A man with links to bikie gangs was also shot in St Mary’s less than a fortnight ago.


July 29: Bike associate Bassil Hijazi and Earlwood man Vasko Boskovsk shot dead in apparently unrelated incidents.
July 25: Man shot in leg outside Smithfield kebab shop and man shot in leg at Wentworthville swimming pool carpark in separate incidents within an hour of each other, while shots fired in Guildford street five hours earlier
July 24: Shots fired in Canley Heights home, not bikie related
July 22: Man in his mid-40s turns up at hospital after being shot in Fairfield
July 21: Man, 32, whose son has links to the Commanchero bikies shot in the upper body in St Marys
July 16: Commanchero associate Bassil Hijazi, 19, shot in the neck in Bexley
July 13: Shots fired into a house in South Granville three women inside unharmed
July 12: Hells Angel nominee Ali Jammas executed in front of a home in Thorpe St, Abbotsbury
July 8: Hells Angel nominee Tyrone Slemnik, 37, dies and a man, 25, is critically injured in a targeted shooting in Eastlakes.

dailytelegraph.com.au  30 July 2013

Criminal 'bikkie' gangs have had control of the authorities for decades.

This includes politicians, law enforcers, police officers, judges/magistrates and of course lawyers.

This public charade is so that the masses are in a false belief that the authorities are doing something about it and are in control, which they are not.

The well established gangs are having turf wars with the new up and coming 'criminals' hence the killings are spilling out into the public domain.

The truth is the police are gutless and powerless to stop the real criminals, only the weak underdog criminals are caught.

Police are fully aware to stay away from the real criminals, as the repercussions will be the deaths of officers, as shown to the general populous of Melbourne years ago.

The so called gun 'amnesty' was a farce, as it was designed to take firearms away from the good folk, rather than the criminals gangs.

Another (deliberate?) failure of the system.

Laws in Australia are designed to protect the criminal and NOT the victims.

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