10 September 2013

Noosa Magistrates Court - Court win

A video was posted on youtube.com on 27/06/2013 with the title:

Court win Noosa Magistrates Court under the url:

The video contained information on how fraudulently the legal system operates and how the masses can quite easily defeat it.

The legal system tries to hold you the person e.g. John Citizen responsible for the corporate entity JOHN CITIZEN accountable in court which is UNLAWFUL.

The video was removed a short time after with only 2013 views.

Here is a transcript of the video:

Court Win Noosa Magistrates’ Court

Published on Jun 26, 2013 by Bazzarito

Magistrate abandoning the court after being called to show her"Writ of commission" and her Bonding agreement. On abandonment the defendant becomes the highest authority in the court and dismisses the case. Any further interaction from court officers is met with "No consent"

Magistrate:         “Is there any reason you cannot come forward?”

Person:                “I do not consent coming through the bar, I’m sure you understand that.”

Person:                “I am here regarding this matter anyway, through special appearance as a personal representative of the person being in capacity as the administrator.”
“I am asking you are you under oath today?”

Magistrate:         “I am not here to answer your questions Sir.”

Person:                “I am asking you are you under oath today?”

Magistrate:         “Mr. R…. come forward, this is a court of record today, if you do not come forward..”

Mr. R :                   “I beg your pardon, I reserve my right to stay here, and I reserve my right not to be recognised before the law in the Human Rights Act.”

Magistrate:          …… illegible …..

Mr. R :                   “Excuse me, may I see your ‘writ of commission’, and your bonding agreement.”

Mr. R :                   “Excuse me, may I see your ‘writ of commission’, and your bonding agreement, for the second time please.”

Mr. R :                   “ Excuse me, for the third time, may I see your ‘writ of commission’ and your bonding agreement.”

Mr. R :                   “Contempt of court is constitutional common law.”

Mr. R :                   “May I ask for the third time can I see your bonding agreement or ‘writ of commission’.”

Mr. R :                   “Can someone ring the Sheriff.”

Woman:               “Yep, who’s got the phone.”

Woman:               “You are the highest authority of the court now.”

Mr. R :                   “I am now the highest authority of the court now as the judge / magistrate has not shown me their ‘writ of commission’ or any bonding agreement."
"I dismiss the case."

Court Clerk:        “All rise.”

Mr. R :                   “The judge/magistrate is abandoning ‘his’ ship, I am the highest authority now.”

Magistrate :        “(Softly to police man) I want the police to have him removed from court….”

Magistrate :        …. Illegible … (maybe she said ‘case dismissed’)

Mr. R :                   “Case dismissed.”


An upload of the video is available at the following location:



Unknown said...

any blow back yet? did this actually work? i have a great understanding of what you did but im hard pressed finding any real proof that these crooks are backing down. What was the appearance for. (what charge) if i may ask.

AuCorp said...

Hi dahoff84,

The information appeared on a facebook page called: "Aussies against political corruption and lies".

As we should be aware not all judges/magistrates follow the law, as they are sworn to uphold firstly the (corrupt) courts, secondly their colleagues and lastly the client.

Corpau is aware of documents being released later this year exposing the corrupt government and legal system, of which some of this documentation will appear on this site.

Unknown said...

thank you for answering absolutely none of my questions. appreciated Look forward to seeing these documents

Unknown said...

This is a complete waste of time if there was no win for the defendant. If there was a win for the defendant i am sure all and sundry would have heard about it by now.
So whilst this was a victory on the day i would think this particular defendant has paid the price for being a smart arse.
If he had a win on the charge, Which was? great news but i somehow doubt it.

Unknown said...

what actually is the writ and bonding contract he is speaking of as i cant find any info on it. what act is it under.

Unknown said...

I did this aswell in noosa court. Magistrate abandoned the court and I dismissed the case...then got arrested by the prosecutor...

Unknown said...

Thats because no one at court (other than the defendant) can testify that some one who turns up via notice to appear or summons is actually the person in the charge. So when some one in answer to a matter in the court gets up and says they are not the "person' Bill Smith but a free man Representing etc and blah blah blah, they are actually at that time denying they are the person relavent to the matter. So if they deny that they are the person so named then in effect, the person so named is not present, so if they are not present then guess what, the magistrate issues a warrant for the arrest of Bill Smith. If these people trully one then the court would say so. The easiest thing to do is ring up the the court the next day and ask if their is a warrant issued. Well guess what when it comes to the crunch I have not had a single person who does such a thing not find out they have a warrant.

Unknown said...

Every time i get a fine from the electrol commission. I write them a letter asking them what referendum created your department and instantly they send me a letter telling me the fine was acciddently sent.

Unknown said...

Erm... We are the law eg. Ultimately the law/legal record is made of people, so if enough people know and adopt this it becomes the law.

Unknown said...

I asked the judge for her remedy certificate of commission and bonding agreement and denied me everytime I asked them security removed me from the court...

Unknown said...

Writ of commission bonding agreement is a legal remedy of common law under the constitution of australia 1901 which is our lawful rule of law that is valid only with the Queens proclamation approval stamp ?? Not the invalid fraudulent acts and statutes of the Australian act 1986 which was denied twice in 1988 referendum so it is treason

Andrew said...

This is nothing to do with what you state. This is trust law. Bible law