21 January 2014

Government Fraud - Confusion over claims

In the political arena, criminal offences occur literally every single day, with no intervention from the upholders of the law, the police.

A small article appeared in the Herald Sun publication on the 20/01/2014, which from the size of it may indicate that it is an insignificant piece, but really it involves the Federal Government and their false information policy for the general population.

How can the Australian Government (which is a corporation) be trusted with any information it publishes for the masses, since there is no policy to publish information accurately, nor is there any laws or penalties for false information, which time and time again the government is caught out with providing false information.

The article as it appeared in the Herald Sun is as follows:

 Confusion over claims

THE Federal Government is attempting to hide potentially embarrassing advice to Prime Minister Tony Abbot or Liberal MP Don Randall about thousands of dollars in expense claims they had to repay.

The Finance Department has temporarily blocked access to one document involving either of the MP’s offices after the Daily Telegraph applied under Freedom of Information for the communication with the agency before they claimed their cases were unclear.

The Prime Minister’s office yesterday distanced itself from the matter.

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