04 March 2014

Sir Harry Gibbs Chief Justice of the High Court Australia comments on the Constitution

The following document is from the Chief Justice of the High Court Australia written to a Mr. John Wilson commenting on the Constitution.

Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs, GCMG, AC, KBE, QC (17 February 1917 - 25 June 2005) was Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia from 1981 to 1987 after serving as a member of the High Court between 1970 and 1981.

He was known as one of Australia's leading federalist judges although he presided over the High Court when decisions such as Koowarta v Bjelke-Petersen in 1982 and Commonwealth v Tasmania expanded the powers of the Commonwealth at the expense of the states.

Gibbs dissented from the majority verdict in both cases.

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Unknown said...

Firstly thank you to the author of this incredibly valuable online resource. It has become a staple resource in not just my own life but in the lives of friends I have shared it with. There is only one issue I would like to bring to authors attention (although the author may already be aware) and that is some vital documents are missing on article pages, so there is no way to access or download them. I am hoping they maybe re-uploaded again in the future? Thank you again for all that you are doing to educate the Australian people on their rights and the reality of our so called "government". Kind Regards, K.Sharwood

AuCorp said...

K. Sharwood,

Thank you for drawing attention to this.

The document has been re-uploaded.