30 March 2014

Vicroads change of address - Criminal activity supported by the Victorian government

The Victorian government is responsible for a corporate fraud on a grand scale regarding Victorian motorists.

The current premier of Victoria Dr. Dennis Napthine should be reported to the police for criminal activity, BUT since the police work for corporations, this will never occur.

Unfortunately the corporate media do not report on the facts regarding the Vicroads fraud, which effects EVERY SINGLE VICTORIAN motorist.


Vicroads is a trading name.. no longer lawful to use...

The ABN belongs to the Roads Corporation,which is listed as an entity? name....

The Business name, which is the name they are supposed to lawfully trade under, is as follows:

Business name: SprayLine Road Services
Status: Registered
Registration date: 8/01/2014...
Renewal date: 8/01/2017
Cancelled date:
Cancellation under review:
Address for service of documents: 3 Prospect Hill Rd Camberwell VIC 3124
Principal place of business: 3 Prospect Hill Rd Camberwell VIC 3124
Holder(s) details:
Holder Type: Other Unincorporated Entity
ABN: 61 760 960 480

The Victorian Coalition Government, working hard to f#^k over ordinary Victorians whilst simultaneously lining the pockets of their corporate partners in crime.......

Premier Denis Napthine announces a re-elected Victorian Coalition Government will relocate VicRoads’ headquarters to Ballarat, generating 400 jobs and more than... $40 million per year in extra economic benefits for the region. 

Victoria Police are also supporting this corruption and fraud.

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