03 April 2014

Western Australian government election fraud

It can be difficult for the 'lay' person of Australia to fathom the level of corruption involved in the governance of this country.

From the plethora of illegitimate laws that are enforced upon the country's people to the extortion that is enforced by the powers that can imprison the masses, the authorities have ultimate control with not only little or no boundaries but also actions that they are fully aware that are above the law.

Many key facts of governance or law are handled behind closed doors, or in secret, where documentation is not available for the 'record' or kept away from public scrutiny.

In today's modern era of mass surveillance of the general populous, the catch phrase (or variations of) used by many is that if you have nothing to hide, you are not doing anything wrong.

The Western Australian government has been caught out with the 'smoking gun' in relation to the fraud pertaining to the elections within the state.

A Writ is a single piece of paper that is issued by the Governor of that state to the Electoral Commissioner, to conduct the election according to the procedure outlined in the Parliamentary Electorates and Elections Act 1912.

In Western Australia on the Saturday the 5th of April 2014, there is to be held a Senate election.

Currently before the Western Australian (federal) court there is a matter brought forward to stop the election, in relation to the fraudulent Writ (7 Sep 2013) used to enact the election process.

This type of Writ is not available to the perusal by the general populous and is extremely difficult to obtain.

Corpau has been privy to view the document(s) only without taking photographic evidence for publishing purposes.

In this case the 'Writ' is not one piece of paper but two distinctly separate documents.

One piece of paper, supposedly the 'proper' Writ with the (previous) Governor General's signature Quentin Bryce who allegedly witnessed the documents author / signatory Mark Dreyfus QC, Special Minister of state to the Electoral Commissioner of Western Australia the resigned (not valid) Ed Killesteyn.

In normal practice, the author of the document signs below the body of the text, with the witness signing below the author, as is is the job of the witness to factually observe the author signing the document, and not above and to the right of the author of the document as in the case of the Writ.

Another (exact same) document exists but with the hand written remarks by Quentin Bryce stating that: 

 "This writ first came into my possession on its return at 12:25pm on October the 8th 2013 at Sydney", also with Quentin Bryce's signature.

In this case the Writ contains the real signature of the author, Mark Dreyfus, but with a fraudulent (computer stored) signature of the alleged witness Quentin Bryce.

The document has then been modified with the addition of the 'hand written' remarks of Quentin Bryce.

This is the level of fraud and corruption that the Australian government is involved in, which puts the entire election history into dishonour. 

Now one can observe how the legal system together with the corporate media handle this matter.

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