23 February 2015

Affidavit Declaration of Service Form 6A

Please Note:

For the purpose of this post, the validity of law, in Victoria, Australia is put aside, where the MAGISTRATES' COURT GENERAL CIVIL PROCEDURE RULES 2010 are used in this instance.

Also noting that 'rules' are not law whereas Acts are.

The AFFIDAVIT DECLARATION OF SERVICE (Form 6A) from the Magistrates' Court of Victoria is available for download in MS Word 97-2003 (.doc) format at:


or in jpg format:


A DECLARATION OF SERVICE (on a company by post) is available in jpg format:

Do not forget to add the year number where the units digit needs to be filled in.

Also the MAGISTRATES' COURT GENERAL CIVIL PROCEDURE RULES 2010 can be downloaded (470pp, 2MB) at


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mithreal said...

Is this the correct form to use when re-claiming the rights to the line of credit which our birth certificates hold? The guy in this video talks about using an affidavit : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiI9QW1Kj4s but he's american so I thought it might be different?? thanks