26 February 2015

Sheriff OHMS

In Victoria, Australia some people may have the pleasure of dealing with a person called the "Sheriff".

This 'person' called the Sheriff, may not be the person he claims to be.

If you are lucky enough to receive a letter from this person from their place of business it could look like this:

Notice on the letter the underlined acronym O.H.M.S.

This stands for On Her Majesty's Service, i.e. the person works on behalf or for the Crown.

But do they really ??? !!! ???

Just another piece of evidence against the criminal actions of the 'sheriff'.

1 comment:

Homie said...

"Work for the "Crown""?
Crown was treasonously removed from the statute books; this act of treachery by McGinty and Sanderson in W.A. got them and every other Attorney-General in Australia a treason-related charge, along with a list of 60 or so others.
Many more to come!