05 April 2015

Tasmanian magistrates not sworn in correctly for 30 years

The State Government has revealed Tasmanian magistrates have not been sworn in correctly for 30 years. 

Magistrates, coroners and justices of the peace are currently required under an 1869 Act to take the judicial oath in the presence of the Governor, or a representative, prior to undertaking their duties.

Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin said the requirement was outdated and it was recently established that it had not been followed for the past three decades.

The Government will introduce an amendment in Parliament to allow the oath to be taken before a Magistrate.

Ms Goodwin said any decisions or actions taken by magistrates or justices before the error was realised remain valid.

A swearing-in was held yesterday to ensure existing magistrates, coroners and active bench judges were correctly sworn in in the meantime.

abc.net.au 3 Apr 2015

The problem is not just in Tasmania, BUT Australia wide.

They have been sitting falsely in office and their decisions cannot be valid, as falsely stated by Ms Goodwin.

Australia's government is truly a corrupt entity, enslaving the masses.

The people who purportedly sit as 'judges', magistrates', etc are (alleged) criminals up for treason.  

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