18 April 2015

Vic police inquiry stalled by privacy bid

Public hearings into an alleged misconduct at a Victorian police station could instead be held in secret.
A judge is to decide whether public hearings into alleged misconduct at a Victorian police station will instead be held in secret.

Open hearings into the Ballarat station claims were scheduled before the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission on Wednesday but stalled by a Supreme Court bid to prevent details being aired.

Barrister David Grace QC for one of the two accused officers is seeking to have the hearings held privately.
Neither officer has been interviewed or charged and publishing their names and details of the allegations would damage their reputations and prejudice any potential criminal trial, Mr Grace argued.

Justice Peter Riordan agreed to suppress both names but has adjourned a decision on whether the hearings will be public or private until Thursday morning.

skynews.com.au 16 Apr 2015

The 'brotherhood' stepping in to protect the criminal actions of (their 'brethren') in one of Victoria's most corrupt organisation's, that being Victoria Police.

Watch as the corruption is kept from the general population, in contrary to what the police are (allegedly) supposed to be, the being public servants.

This illustrates how Australians are realistically living in a Police state.

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