01 September 2015

The illegal Infringements Court of Victoria

In Victoria, motorists have been defrauded of their hard earned promissory notes (read cash) to the tune of approx $1,000,000 dollars per day (so far in 2015), via fines originating from a place of business called the ‘Infringements Court’.

Very very briefly,

  • The Infringements Court has not been setup lawfully.

  •  Apart from the bevy of staff, and their lawful appointments, in a court there is supposed to be a prosecutor, a defendant where your case is to be presented before a judge / magistrate.

  • You are also supposed to have the right to a ‘fair and impartial’ hearing, where you can cross examine evidence, etc and once a verdict has occurred you have the right to appeal it.

None of the above occurs in this so called ‘Infringements Court’.

The Victoria government guarantees very 'person' the due process of law, something which did not occur within the 'Infringement's Court' (previously the Perin Court).

In Melbourne, in the Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court there will be a matter on Wed 2 September 2015 with regards to the illegal and unlawful ‘Infringement’s Court’.

We are also excluding the fact that any actions taken by Victoria’s (alleged) sheriff Brendan Facey, arising from warrants pertaining to the ‘Infringement’s Court’ are seen as unlawful.

This information has been posted on a public forum under the link:

We are posting this information on this blog, and emailing the corporate media to report on such a significant matter, where Victorian drivers are defrauded of approx. $1 million per day.

After all, we're for Victoria.

Watch this space for further developments.

The Herald Sun, Hume Leader and news.com.au have been invited to attend.


Whereas the people said...

There is 103 people going to this event plus more who do not have internet or do not use facebook

Anonymous said...

Best moves!

It would be great to hear the argument put up. I hope someone captures it and shares on Youtube.

In my opinion the The Infringement's court is equivalent to a bulking centre you hear folk in the UK having to endure, especially since it's sitting on the side of Civic Compliance Victoria if you don't take their 121 Exhibition Street Melbourne address into play.

Dino said...

What happened..I missed it :( -any footage online??