30 November 2015

Victoria Police - Manual Policy Rules and Trademark logo use

What many people may not be aware of is that as of 2013 Victoria Police is a corporation - via the Victoria Police Act (2013) - and therefore subject to 'corporate law'.

What people may not also realise is that the Victoria Police 'logo' is trademarked, and therefore illegal for others to use, under 'corporate law'.

It has been recently posted on various sites that Victoria Police are trialing in certain suburbs of Melbourne, a stop and give 'receipt' to the person.


Under corporate law you are then engaging in a commercial activity.

You know what 'we' say to this?

Give the police 'your terms and conditions' as per template in the blog post titled:

How to communicate with police

at the link:

Whilst you're at it grab yourself a copy of the Victoria Police Manual - Policy Rules (9p, 349KB) at:

Source: https://www.policecareer.vic.gov.au/websites/victoriapolice/userdocuments/16714VPMP_ProfStand.pdf

and the Victoria Police Style Guide (15p, 815KB) on the use of the trademarked Victoria Police logo at:

Source: https://www.tsbi.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/VicPolStyleGuide.pdf

See how your experiences differ from the official rules.

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