18 December 2016

Crime pays in Australia especially when you're a cop committing it

Spoiler Alert: Conspiracy theory ahead but not 'fake news'.

The Australian judicature is sending out a loud and clear message to its police personnel that if you commit criminal activities that amount to vast load of ($100) notes and by chance you get caught, you get to keep your ill gotten loot.

Fancy that?

You can enroll into the police force, like the new ~2800 police officers are doing in Victoria, and not bother with 'keeping the peace', or 'protecting life and property', where it would be far more financially viable to commit criminal offences and get away with the big bucks you stole.

Not a bad 'law' coming from the judicature of a penal colony, hey?

Note to self: 

Must round up the motley crue who beat Corinna Horvath senseless to teach some other plebs a lesson...

as if they're going to see 'justice' in the next 20 years bwwaaaahhhhaaaahhhhaaa!!!

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