13 February 2017

Centrelink removes Rent Certificate from downloadable database with no explanation

Remember the "good ol' days", you know those good ol' days where you could go online  and download any government form you desire?

Oops, sorry back to reality.

The business responsible for administering social security funds to the masses in Australia called Centrelink (ABN: 29 468 422 437) has been embroiled in some pretty dodgy and illegal actions of late with a follow up of the 'government' covering up those actions.

The latest 'scam' by Centrelink was that the business falsely alleged that people owed the business money when in actual fact they did not.

This action should have woken people up to the fact the Centrelink has committed criminal offences and should be in the courts, for fraud, deception and extortion, but to this date no such action has been taken.

Well, here's another dodgy action the mainstream media has not reported when it comes to Centrelink.

MANY people should be aware that if they are on 'Centrelink' payments they may also be eligible for rent assistance.

The government encourages the slave population to have smartphones and conduct their affairs online, a very unsecure medium, you know to upload your private information and to download forms.

SO, if you're one of those people who have lost their job, due to the government importing slave labour from overseas, and you were on welfare payments, you could obtain a 'Rent Certificate' form online from this business called Centrelink, see illustration below:

So at one point or another in time, the wise people within Centrelink decided to remove this FREQUENTLY accessed form from their online archive, as seen by this social media post:

So from the above illustration, one can see that the person, asks "WHY" is the Rent Certificate, form SU523 not accessible via the website.

As as result the General Manager of Centrelink Hank Jorgen deliberately sidesteps the person's question and answers the other methods you can obtain the form.

That was NOT the question posed to you Hank Jorgen.

With responses like this you really have to seriously doubt the integrity of the people in 'authority'.

Over 1000 people per week access the form from this blog which is available for download at:


whereas how many people really need access to the;

Brussels - Australian Victim of Terrorism Overseas Payment - Primary Victim (16 years and over) form (SS517) 

as seen in illustration below:

Just another dodgy action by another dodgy 'government' business.

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