15 February 2017

Matthew Guy MP lies about office being 'trashed'?

So who's this Matthew GUY,  MP fella?

Well according to some sources he's a Leader of the Liberal Party.

He's also a Leader of the Opposition in Victoria.

So, he's a politician, and politicians don't lie right, or do they?

Matthew Guy claims that his room was trashed by a man with links to a far-right organisation.

Matthew Guy stated publicly:-

1). " ... the furious man smashed up the entrance to the office and put his fist through a glass door",

2).  "He then ripped the door off its hinges ..."

So let's have a look at some documents we have received that the Fairfax media did not publish (collusion pushing a far left agenda?) .

From the illustration above called Photograph 6 within the document, the door looks intact, no holes and no smashed window. As you can also see the cushions, sofa and table are very neatly placed.

Let's have a look at another photo shall we?

The illustration above is called Photograph 10, and as you can clearly see no remnants of fist through front door, you know glass shards, blood or flesh hanging from broken glass, etc.

Apparently the law of this land must be subject to a document loosely referred to as "The Constitution" (or rather Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act), where political parties (you know Labour / Liberal, etc) are a BIG no-no.

But sssshhhhh, you won't see that 'law' seeing the light of day from the mainstream media.

You can read what the Fairfax publication theage.com.au wrote on 13 July 2016 with the headline:

Matthew Guy's office 'trashed' amid spate of alleged threats from far-right group

Security at Matthew Guy's electorate office has been beefed up after a man with possible links to a far-right organisation trashed the room.

The incident, which happened in May, was one of several serious threats believed to have been directed at the Opposition Leader.

Opposition leader Matthew Guy says the list of 50 level crossings to be removed 'should be revised'. Photo: Ken Irwin 
It is understood the man demanded a meeting with Mr Guy. After being told by shaken staff that he was not there, the furious man smashed up the entrance to the office and put his fist through a glass door.

He then ripped the door off its hinges, before threatening to go on a shooting spree.

Contacted by Fairfax Media about the alleged incident, Mr Guy said he was sad that Australian politics had changed, forcing politicians to take their security more seriously.

"All politicians do their job to the best of their ability to talk to as many of their constituents as possible, and it is a shame that real security threats are changing the way politicians do their jobs," Mr Guy said.

As a result of the incident, the Department of Parliamentary Services is understood to have taken action to improve security for Mr Guy, including installing CCTV cameras and changing the layout of his Bulleen Plaza electorate office to include an alternative exit for emergency escapes.

It is believed the man comes from a far-right group that rails against multiculturalism, among other things. He is understood to have claimed Mr Guy, a vocal supporter of multiculturalism, had betrayed Australia. He is believed to have been arrested and is facing charges in relation to several incidents.

Mr Guy's spokeswoman said: "Security issues are taken seriously by all members of Parliament and are dealt with in conjunction with Department of Parliamentary Services to ensure the safety of staff and members of Parliament."

The incident comes amid growing concern about the security of Australian politicians after the murder of British Labour MP Jo Cox, who was shot and stabbed multiple times by a 52-year-old suspect with alleged links to the far right.

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