14 September 2017

Gay marriage vote removes your rights as a mother or father

If passed through, the rights of 'parents' i.e. a mother (woman) and father (man) WILL be removed, and your son or daughter which at law are an entity called a 'child' will no longer exist.

You will no longer be a mother or father, son or daughter but rather 'people'.

What would be 'interesting' is seeing the writ for the vote.

Anyone care to grab a copy ??? !!! ???

See 'Exposure Draft' for the new (unlawfully enacted) law to be;

and can be downloaded directly from the link:

Exposure Draft - Marriage Amendment

Source Supplied

EDIT: 18 September 2017;

To all those idiots who have stated that this is a 'fake' document, 
the document was downloaded from the OFFICIAL Australian government website of the Attorney - General, George Brandis.

This is the link from where the document was obtained;



Kat84 said...

Really what a crock of shit.. You are all so worried about gay marriages when other shit going on in the world all need to wake up to yourself in fact who writes this shit? It doesnt affect anyone but yourselves because you are all so worried about it. The only want to add on basically another part to marriage geez its not the end of the world.

Mum-me said...

I've shared this link with some people but they're skeptical and say a Yr11 student could have forged this document.
Can you share your source?

Unknown said...

I looked through this a couple times and no where does it mention "mother" or "father" or anything in the first place. From what I gather it originally only said "man" and "woman" which can appropriately be switched to "people" . Also "siblings" is synonymous with "brother or sister".

I'm not denying what may or may not be in there, perhaps the areas they removed are of some importance. But it isn't mentioning anything about "rights of parents" or anything. Please, correct me if I'm wrong or overlooked something.

Unknown said...

I just studied this document as well as the current marriage act, and what you stated in the article is simply not true and misleading

Unknown said...

What a complete load of rubbish are people still being fooled by this fake document made by someone on the acl page, really people grow a brain.

Unknown said...

This is a fake document it's popped up on the Australian C Lobby's page. Only someone with little intelligence would take any notice of fake stuff like this.

Liam said...

Substantially misrepresented contents, and nothing about the document indicates authenticity in the first place. ACL is spreading a crock of nonsense fearmongering about this entire issue. Most Christians wish they would go back to whatever wartime bomb shelter they appear to have spent the last 60 years locked in.

blade said...

The proponents of the no case shouldn’t argue things that have nothing to do with this voluntary postal survey. This is about one thing and one thing only – whether people who happen to be of the same sex, who are in love with someone and want to commit to that person for life in front of their friends and family have the opportunity to so just like I did. by Anthony Albanese

AuCorp said...

To all those IDIOTS who claim that this is FAKE DOCUMENT,

This is where the document was obtained from;

From the OFFICIAL Australian government website of the Attorney-General



Doyle said...

This IS part of all the shit going on in the world. If you do not stop shit like this it just keeps on going.

Unknown said...

So if you're saying this is fake then where is the actually legislation?????

Ad said...

If you've read that document it sounds like you've completely misunderstood it. Your intro above the document is a massive misrepresentation of what it actually says; nowhere does it say anything that even resembles removing parents rights. The vast majority of the document talks about all the religious freedoms that will be protected by law, including the right not to marry a couple that is not male and female, due to your religious beliefs.
There are changes to terminology (man and woman, changed to '2 people', etc) to make the law more inclusive/enable a same sex couple to marry ... no removal of anyone's rights, and no change to how it impacts a man and women marrying.

Unknown said...

Most of the comments above sound like they are from people who trust that the Government is honest and going to do the right thing. They are very much mistaken if the past few years are anything to go by.

Sarka said...

Can't believe the ignorance .

Sarka said...

You are either a complete moron or knowingly misleading. :(