05 May 2019

Royal Commission into banking a farce as hard working Aussies get screwed over

Subservience to the banks?

The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry, led by Kenneth Madison Hayne was a farce at the expense of hard working Australian taxpayers.

One example of the farce is that there were only 'recomendations' for charges for approx 14,000 criminal breaches in the law, as opposed to actual charges being laid as soon as the report was made public.

When a serf allegedly commits an offence, charges are laid pretty much instantaneously, where 'recommendations' are not even part of the vocabulary.

In any event, whatever alleged financial 'suffering' occured to the banks as a result from the royal commission, the hard working Australian (tax) slaves bear the brunt of the financial burden.

A system built to protect the business interests of  multinationals, protected corporations, like the banks and the corporation conglomerate commonly referred to as the 'Australian Government'.

Australian Government:1, Australian people:0

See article from the 3rd og May 2019, by the Herald Sun pulication:

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